Problem running the example Two-Arm Experiment


I am having a trouble running the example provided here. It happens when I run the declare_design line. I get an error regarding the reveal_outcomes. The same is true for the factorial design example as well. Would you please verify that the examples are correct?

Here is the error:

Error in value[[3L]](cond) : 
Could not evaluate step 6as either a step or call.


In the most recent version of DeclareDesign, reveal_outcomes was renamed to declare_reveal - the design library and website haven’t been updated to match yet. See also for current reference designs.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve managed to fix it.

I’ve checked your GitHub to see whether I can edit the documentation to reflect these changes. I think I’ve found them in the DeclareDesign/docs/articles. I’ve made a new Pull Request fixing two_arm.R and two_way_factorial.R.

I’d like to help with the development, but I had a hard time figuring out all the different packages and their documentations. If you point me to the right place, I would like to contribute. :slight_smile: