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DeclareDesign Beginner's Tutorial

Hi everyone,

I wrote an extensive tutorial for beginners that hopefully some of you might find useful! Please feel free to send feedback or let me know about parts they might be unclear

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Here is one useful figure from the guide that I use to help me think about the process :slight_smile:

That diagram is most excellent! :+1:

And a couple minor things I’d mention/comments:

  • when you are loading libraries / set.seed - also load future and do plan(multicore) to run simulations in parallel. This is a good habit to model.
  • redesign / expand_design do different things: redesign edits an instantiated design (including captured variables), vs expand_design is meant to be used with the design library functions. expand_design is “more hygenic” I would maybe add a dotted line from expand_design to the Design Library.
  • For density plot, you could set fill aesthetic instead of just a line.
  • All diagnosand se’s are bootstrapped, and the number of reps can be adjusted
  • For the power plot, I’d recommend geom_ribbons + lines instead of bar / error bar.
    • Also the ±1.96*se is probably fine, you could go through qbeta if you saw it going out of bounds - it looked pretty close.
  • When discussing redesign, you could specifically call out that it forms all combinations rather than letting the reader pick it up from the example.
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Wow this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

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I found this to be super helpful. Two quick things:

  1. It’d be useful for you to include a definition of “estimate” and “estimand.”
  2. You don’t define n_sims in your code, but it’s clear through output that you’d set it to be 100.
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@nfultz thank you for the advice! I am going to include those changes when I get the chance and maybe DM (?) you.

@Flourish thanks you for the advice on point 1! I will include that. In regard to 2. I define n_sims around the place where I load the libraries, but I’ll try and make that more clear. Thank you!

Ah! Sorry I missed that. Great work! If you need any motivation to create even more tutorials on this, I should say that this has been the most helpful document I’ve come across by far. Would love if you made similar tutorials on more advance designs.

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Thanks! I have a draft of a more complicated tutorial written for DD, and a tutorial on DesignLibrary (also aimed at beginners). I’m hoping to get them both out by January!

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