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Simulate artificial data matrix based on 5-point-Likert response

Hi everyone. I need your help. Could someone tell me how to simulate matrix data based on Likert-scale response (5-point Likert scale – 1-Extremely Unhappy, 2-Unhappy,3-Neutral,4-Happy,5-Extremely Happy). I need to simulate artificial data for 5 different constructs/domains with 10 items each for sample size, N=100. I also assumed each of the items has factor loading 0.7. I already installed fabricatr, likert and psych packages and I was trying to create this simulated data but wasn’t able to do it. Could one help me how to get this? Thank you in advance.

fabricatr is likely not the best tool for creating random matrices - most of the functionality is built for data frames.

Cribbing heavily from :

N <- 100

Lambda <- diag(.7, 5)[rep(1:5, each=10),]

P <- nrow(Lambda)
Q <- ncol(Lambda)

FF <- MASS::mvrnorm(N, rep(0, Q), diag(Q))
E  <- MASS::mvrnorm(N, rep(0, P), diag(P))
X  <- FF %*% t(Lambda) + E

Then you can use whatever likert functions you like to map the gaussian variables to discrete scales.

thank you for response